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The Rhinebeck Democratic Committee (RDC) typically meets the third Monday of each month in Town Hall. All registered Democrats residing in Rhinebeck are invited to attend. To confirm meeting date and time, call 845-876-0885 or 845-876-6686.



Election Info: All Village residents who are registered to vote here can go to the Rhinebeck TOWN Hall to cast their ballots. Voting hours are Noon to 9:00 PM.

Heath Tortarella is running on the Democratic line for re-election as a Village Trustee.

Gary Kenton is running on the Rhinebeck United line for his first term as a Village Trustee.

Brant Neuneker, although his name is still on the ballot on the Democratic line, plans to end his service on the board at the end of his present term, at the end of this month.

Brant has expressed his support for Gary, and urges Democrats to vote for Gary in his stead.

We urge you to come out and support both Heath and Gary!


I announce with great regret that I have decided not to seek a third term on the Rhinebeck Village Board. I will focus on my business and family interests. I take great pride in the success we Village Board members and staff have achieved during the last four years.

It has been a great pleasure to work with all Village employees and volunteer board members. Thanks to all of you and special thanks to Pat Coon.

Local politics gave me a raft of new friends and acquaintances: Bob Fennell, David Miller, John Wirth, Warren Temple Smith, Ward and Linda Stanley, Terry Gipson, Howie and Tom Traudt, Jim Reardon, Wayne Rifenburgh, and many more. Thanks for enriching my contributions to the community. To Jeff Romano, Judge John Kane, and Michelle Donner, I owe a special debt of gratitude.

Thanks most of all to the voters of Rhinebeck who gave an outsider from Chicago victory in two contested elections and who almost delivered me to office the first time when you didnít even know me. During spitting snow, drizzle, and frenzied schedules, you opened your doors for me to share ideas about making Rhinebeck a better place.

Brant Neuneker, Rhinebeck Village Trustee


The Dutchess County Board of Elections announced a change in voting locations in 2013 for Rhinebeck's Election District 1 and Election District 7.  The new voting site is at St. Paul's Lutheran Church at 371 Wurtemburg Rd in Rhinebeck, just off of Rt. 9G and north of Vlei Rd.

This polling location replaces the Methodist Chapel location on Market Street in the village where Districts 1 and 7 had voted previously.


“To meet the challenges of the present and shape a better future for Rhinebeck” sums up and introduces the platform of Rhinebeck Democrats, a statement of principles adopted by the Rhinebeck Democratic Committee on which the Party’s candidates will stand in upcoming elections.

Our platform is a broad, innovative declaration of progressive policy and is intended as affirmative common ground on which to bring all concerned Rhinebeck residents together in the election ahead. Divided among sections entitled Responsible Stewardship, Innovative Governance, Government Transparency, Community Services and Programs and Environmental Protection, the platform presents a positive political program aimed at the issues that we as Rhinebeck citizens and residents face today and will need to address in the years ahead.

Read the full text here.


Below are the statistics for voter enrollment in Dutchess County, courtesy of Fran Knapp, Democratic Elections Commissioner for Dutchess County. There are almost 10% more Democrats registered than Republicans, with Republican enrollment slipping 297 registrations since 2011 data. The Democratic Party had a net gain of more than 1,000 registrations, in part due to a big registration drive in the City of Poughkeepsie this past year. Voter registration overall went up by more than 3,300 votes. The Independence Party (with likely many registrants incorrectly thinking this is "No Party Affiliation") grew by almost 10%.

Please help new neighbors and those turning 18 to register. For information on voter registration and down-loadable registration forms, please CLICK HERE:

D.C. Party Enrollment
% Total
Democratic: 55,841 57,001


Republican: 52,549 52,252 30.9%
Independence: 8,905 9,762 5.8%
Conservative: 3,342 3,422 2.1%
Working Families: 601 696 .5%
Green: 377 393 .3%
No Party: 43,099 45,857 27.1%
TOTAL: 166,033 169,383  

* Data as provided 1/23/13.


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